Why Do We Do It?

Our mission is to offer security, technical consulting, and support for small businesses by keeping their technology safe, and helping them use it effectively, so that they can focus on their business.

Many IT providers talk down to small companies, or treat them like they’re not really a ‘real business’… we created Round Table Technologies with the culture that, just like in the Arthurian legends, everyone around the round table is equal…

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Welcome to Round Table Technologies!
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Round Table Technologies - Creating a world where small businesses are not the largest target for hackers, because they finally have an affordable security system and are not left to suffer alone.

Take a seat at the table, and let us armor your business with safety, security, and a welcome relief from those IT issues looming over your business like circling dragons.

Why Choose Us?

Pull up a chair, and let us here at Round Table help you:

Save time with Fewer IT issues

Save money with preventative measures

Enjoy uptime for yourself and your business with secure, up to date machines

Why a Round Table?

The Round Table has had much use in different places over the years for many things, but we wanted to focus most on the table of Arthurian legend, where each member at the table, even King Arthur himself, was equal, and had a right to be heard. As an IT provider, we know that our industry treats clients poorly when you don't agree with them, and hand over 'the keys to the castle' without question... we won't do that. It's against our intention as a company to take over, since our goal is to help you manage your business, mostly by working behind the scenes. However, that doesn't make us your humble servants either, as we have our own business (or castle, in this context), that we have to manage and look out for too, so the round table allows us to show that we will treat you as an equal in business, but that we expect the same courtesy in return.

Our Offering

We’d say our service, but it’s more than that

Managed Workstation - $50/month/workstation ($125/month/server for Managed Servers)

Includes full proprietary Multi-faceted Security, Patching, Maintenance (such as scheduled reboots), and a file/folder backup.

Free Consultation

Even kings had advisors, as they didn't do everything themselves. Enjoy a Free Consultation to get to know us and see if we're a good fit with your business before you buy our product. Simply email [email protected]com to schedule a time!

Multi-Faceted Security

Multi-Faceted Security combines business-grade anti-malware, and customizable Web Protection like the stones and mortar that defined the castle wall's strength. Without them, your computer is unprotected.


Even the strongest fortress will crumble if no one patches the holes in the wall - The same goes for your computer!


Things like scheduled reboots and time each month for our techs to check on your computers wellbeing is like making sure that that stone, mortar, and the other defenses are in good working order each month. Your computer is your main defense against phishing, malware, and other technical dangers to your small business!

File/Folder Backup

Sometimes, even when you do everything right, errors still occur, be it deleting a file, a bad employee, or worse, malware. However, File/Folder Backup is a key to keeping your important documents safe from harm, even when it feels like your businesses 'castle wall' is under siege, or has crumbled.